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Dressing words for the occasion
  • Behind the scenes
  • Creative reading

About This Project


The Art of Creative Writing: Eternal Lessons from the Past


If you are curious how an ancient poem and creative writing helped Einstein in one of history’s greatest scientific discoveries, you are in it for a treat!


This is a time-travel experience of the bewitching adventure the creative process entails. It sets out to explore different notions of creativity and practices used by some of history’s best-known names.


From ancient poets and philosophers to painters and modern-day professors, we will dissect perspectives and put them into practice. The class rests upon the eternity of past knowledge but in its core is change.


NOTE: I wrote the entire script of the class guided by my personal curiosity. My role in the video is due to lack of other prospects at the time. Check out the entire class on Skillshare.

Creative writing