MentorMate Case Study
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MentorMate Case Study

About This Project


Nothing carries as much credibility with prospects than the story of a customer’s success.


A case study gets you from the point of knowing how a product works to knowing that it will work for you.


ESCREO approached me with the task to create a series of documented word-of-mouth, in order to:


  • Help prospects visualise the using of their products
  • Establishing credibility
  • Break through the marketing noise
  • Generate and leveraging media interest


For the case study with MentorMate we chose a rather unusual approach that leans on journalistic storytelling. I combined the case study format with an interview, which was published as a standalone piece. (check the Bulgarian version here)


While the introduction and conclusion part deliver the soft-sell efficiently, the entire project squeezed as much content and value out of the collaboration, as possible, by creating a blog article from the interview part and further promoting it via social media.