DI Therapist
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DI Therapist

About This Project

About this project:


Desislava Ignatova is a psychologist and hypnotherapist. She is sharp, sassy and full of energy. She is also my sister, who turned to me to help define her personal brand and communicate it in a focused and consistent manner.


The goal was to create the feeling of a safe space and trustworthiness.


Work done:

  • brand identity and tone of voice
  • slogans and taglines
  • website content
  • (and I designed the interior of her office which matches the brand identity)


First up, having the logo as a maze which represents people being lost in their troubles, I came up with the following taglines:


The way out of confusion.


I help people widen their understanding about the human experience.



For the website, I used a slick and simple WordPress template, focusing on web copy that captured her unique personality, while demonstrating her seriousness as a therapist. The copy aims to provide clients with a clear understanding of her work, address potential fears or doubts and communicate the value she provides.


Check out the entire website here.

Branding, Content