COVID-19 Campaign
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COVID-19 Campaign

About This Project


The measures taken to limit the spread of the COVID-19 caused serious disruption among many businesses. ESCREO’s ways are all about finding a creative solution, even in times of turmoil.


For the campaign I:


  •  Generated a hashtag which aimed to promote home office productivity, by avoiding the word ‘pyjamas’. It translates into #productiveinslippers


  • Created witty texts and information for visuals and infographics to promote a productive time at home during the pandemic lockdown.


  • Created a column “With ESCREO, in *person’s name*’ s slippers” on the blog where I published short interviews with people who already have an ESCREO surface at home.



  • Wrote newsletter content to inform of the company’s responsibility and home office regimen, express community support and promote special priced packages for home use with a code valid during the pandemic.